"An Animation Awakening"


Our versatile knowledge of materials, software, and
visual space allows us to unite concepts across
platforms both physical and virtual.


Animations can spark fond memories in viewers and create a connection that unites our differences. We’ve produced 3d animations for broadcast, social media, animated web presentation, logos and TV commercial spots. 


We illuminate public spaces by creating Public Art that connects people and spaces. Public art has been a rewarding experience where we have taken concept design and ideas into fabrication and installation.

Latest News

Art in motion. The Gathering Tree The Gathering Tree is a cultural beacon for the Frogtown/Rondo neighborhoods. It’s a kaleidoscope of patterns etched with the community’s voices who call this neighborhood home.  The public art will be an interactive experience featuring augmented reality creatures animated throughout the structure.


Music by Scott Buckley – www.scottbuckley.com.au

Coming Soon 


Join us in The Sandbox Game metaverse.

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